About Joanna

Joanna Gianulis is an artist and designer currently working in the San Francisco bay area. She works as a UI/UX designer and artist in the gaming industry.  Joanna has experience in UI/UX, graphic design, storyboarding, illustration, and game design for companies such as Trion Worlds, EA, and Midnight Studios.

Joanna studied fine art, printmaking, and graphic design at Murray State University and graduated with a BFA in fine art. She has been working in the game industry for several years now doing UI/UX, web design, graphic design, concept art, and illustration.

She spends her free time drawing, playing video games, and looking at cute pictures of bunnies on the internet.


Contact the artist

I am not usually open for comission work but please follow me on twitter where I always post with open commission slots.

If you have any questions about my work I will be happy to answer! Just send an e-mail to: jogianart@gmail.com and pelase be patient as I may be unable to repsond right away.